Sciatic Pain

Expert Sciatic Pain Treatment in Tallahassee, FL

Not long ago, you noticed a faint tingling or numbness in your lower back. Over time, the tingling increased to a sharper pain that spread down your leg. When you sit down at work, your symptoms feel worse, and though walking temporarily relieves the pain, it’s not feasible to stay on your feet all day.

At University Physical Medicine, we offer sciatic pain treatment to patients
in Tallahassee, FL as well as to those in nearby cities and towns. Our friendly, understanding staff will diagnose the cause of your pain, and then perform spinal adjustments that improve your posture and give you some relief.

Let Us Alleviate Your Pain

The sciatic nerve runs from your low back down to each of your legs and out to your toes. It is the largest nerve in the body, sending signals back and forth between your limbs and your brain.

However, disc herniation, piriformis syndrome, bone spurs, and spinal stenosis can all create pressure on or pinch the sciatic nerve. And depending on the cause, you may experience a mild, irritating tingling or severe, debilitating pain as a result.

But when you come to us for sciatic pain treatment, you can count on our professional team in Tallahassee, FL to listen to your concerns and review your medical history. From there, we may recommend spinal manipulation to adjust the nerve as well as massage therapy to relax tight muscles around the spine.

To help you heal quickly, we’ll work with you to stretch your body and relax any trigger points in your lower back and buttocks. We’ll then advise you on lifestyle changes that could prevent future flare-ups.

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Our team of doctors stand ready to help you find relief from your pain. To schedule your sciatic pain treatment, call our Tallahassee, FL office at (850) 576-2129 or fill out the form to the right.